Embrace the Smartphone App Economy In Your Business!

The IntelliSite team craft stunning business websites that look, feel and function just like smartphone apps.

In fact, our creations are so ‘app-like’, your visitors will believe they’re really using one!

This makes a huge difference to your bottom-line because your prospects now use smartphone apps for just about everything they do online!

In fact, the more your website looks, feels and functions like a smartphone app, the more likely your visitors will engage with your business offerings and make an enquiry!

These Are The Facts of Online Business Today*

  • 66% of Australians access the Internet primarily using their smartphones, a percentage continuing to increase
  • 75% of Australian smartphone users prefer using apps rather than web browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome
  • Most smartphone users say they prefer functional apps that perform useful tasks over ones that ‘just’ provide information
  • The Top 6 apps used by Australians are Facebook, Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Amazon, Google Search, and Yahoo Mail
  • 81% of Australians prefer using their smartphones to access Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Of these, 68% prefer using smartphone apps to access these services

We Are Way Beyond Responsive Design Now!

Responsive Design, a technique that dynamically adjusts websites to enhance readability on mobile devices, no longer cuts it. To the countless Australians who now do most things online using smartphone apps, Responsive Design websites suck big time!

This is because Australians just love using smartphone apps when online, and somewhat unreasonably perhaps, expect the same app experience from the many websites they visit each day. And if it's not forthcoming, they often get frustrated and leave.

So the more 'app-like' your business website appears on smartphones, the more likely visitors will stay, engage and ultimately make an enquiry.

Wow, I’d better run out and commission an app for my business then – right?

Actually – that might not be the best idea! Having a native smartphone app developed and deployed for your business is a high cost and high risk proposition with an inversely low probability of achieving a worthwhile return on investment. In fact, most business app ventures fail, and very expensively.

Just consider the numbers involved. Any worthwhile app that customers are likely to download and use will set you back anywhere from 10k* to 100k*, and that’s before so much as a single copy is downloaded. Further, these big costs are further increased by the ongoing maintenance and marketing any successful business app requires by necessity!

So how can you provide your prospects and customers with the app experience they want, but without taking on the huge expense, big hassles and significant business risk associated with native app development?

Introducing IntelliSite vApp

Now Every Small Business Can Have Its Own App

An IntelliSite vApp is the perfect low-cost solution for those who want an app for their small business, but who wish to avoid the expense, logistical complexity and risk involved in native app development.


IntelliSite vApp technology use advanced smarts to render and function perfectly across all smartphone brands.


IntelliSite vApp use cutting edge technology that allows it to load super fast on all smartphone makes and models.


IntelliSite vApp allows you to control everything with your own smartphone using a secure app interface.


IntelliSite vApp solutions are dramatically cheaper than native apps whilst providing equivalent functionality.

An IntelliSite vApp is the perfect low-cost solution for those who want a smartphone app for their small business, but who wish to avoid the expense, hassles and risk associated with native app development.

An IntelliSite vApp uses many of the same technologies as iOS and Android native apps, but is dynamically deployed to your visitor’s device from your own web server rather than downloaded from an app store.

This means that your visitors can enjoy exactly the same experience they would with a native app, because an IntelliSite vApp looks, behaves, and functions in precisely the same way.

Easy To Manage

Easy to Update & Manage

IntelliSite vApp allows you to update text, images, videos, pricing tables, special offers and much more anywhere, any time with a super-simple and secure smartphone app that requires no special training or skills to use.

Maximise Enquiries

Built to Maximise Enquiries

IntelliSite vApp is outcome-driven by design, and has been carefully engineered to engage and persuade your visitors to make an enquiry as quickly and easily as possible.

Compatible & Portable

100% Compatible & Portable

IntelliSite vApp built using a suite of defacto, open source and globally recognised web app frameworks, technologies and standards that ensure you can run it on any server, anywhere in Australia or the world.

Analytics Dashboard

Built-in Analytics Dashboard

IntelliSite vApp connects with both your Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics accounts, combining the quantitative and qualitative data they provide into a powerful but simple to read Analytics Dashboard.

Remarketing Support

Full Remarketing Support

IntelliSite vApp seamlessly integrates both your Facebook and Google remarketing pixels, making absolutely sure that everyone who visits will instantly end up on your digital advertising target lists.

Social Media Integration

Full Social Media Integration

IntelliSite vApp integrates seamlessley with both your Facebook and Facebook Messenger accounts, allowing prospects to move between these channels instantly and intuitively.

vApp Starter

  • vApp

vApp Pro

  • vApp
  • Plus Desktop Version
  • Content Authoring (1000 words)
  • Facebook Page Setup
  • 3 Facebook Ads
  • 2 Facebook Posts (500 words each plus image)
  • Remarketing Pixel Installation
  • 1 Year Phone Support

vApp Enterprise

  • vApp
  • Plus Desktop Version
  • Custom Function Development
  • Content Authoring
  • Facebook Page Setup
  • Facebook Ad Design
  • Post Authoring
  • Remarketing Pixel Installation
  • FB Campaign Management
  • Phone Support / Advice

Have A Question - Let's Chat

If you'd like to have a 100% obligation-free chat about whether an IntelliSite vApp solution is right for your business, then just click the link below to start a Facebook Messenger chat session:

Let's Chat About Intellisite vApp

Rest assured that we do not do 'hard sell', and in fact, will not recommend an IntelliSite vApp solution to you if your business requirements clearly necessitate the development of a full-on native app solution. This is because the only customers IntelliSite wants are happy customers!

Manage Every Aspect of Your Site With Just One Thumb

Perhaps one of the most awesome features of having an Intellsite website is that managing it is dead simple for you using the Intellsite smartphone app. In fact, you can make any changes you want to your site quickly and easily, anywhere, any time.

So regardless of whether you want to updating content, add a widget, insert a video or make a special offer to customers, you can do all this with just one thumb, even if you’re at home watching TV.

Even better, you require no special skills at all to do this. In fact, if you can do your own online banking, then your more than qualified to manage your Intelliste website.

So, which is best for my business - IntelliSite vApp or a Native App?

Great question! The role that Intellsite vApp serves in the smartphone app market is to provide you with a website that provides your visitors with the authentic app experience they prefer when online, whilst avoiding the hefty expense, hassles and business risk associated with native app development.

This means you can powerfully engage your online prospects with a site that look, feels and function just like a native smartphone app, but for just a tiny fraction of the price and absolutely no hassles! For most small businesses therefore, an Intelliste vApp is the perfect smartphone 'app' solution, because it allows you to fully exploit the app economy for just a very small investment.

However, there will be some businesses for which the development of a full-on native smartphone app is unavoidable. In particular, you will need to engage the services of a native smartphone app developer if your require several or all of the capabilities on this list:

  • Your app’s presence on the App Store or Google Play is going to be a key part of your marketing strategy.
  • Your app needs to access native smartphone features not accessible using a browser, most notably the device’s camera, microphone, Bluetooth, accelerometer, and file system.
  • You specifically want your app to appear on the smartphone user’s home screen.
  • Your app is specifically designed to be used on a very regular basis to perform a useful or entertaining function when the user is ‘out and about’.
  • Your app must be able to function normally when the user’s smartphone does not have cellular or wi-fi connectivity.

If these requirements do in fact apply to the app you want developed, then you'll have little choice but to invest substantial time, effort and money into having a native smartphone app developed, deployed and maintained for you by a competent (hopefully) native app developer. Best of luck!


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James Burton Photography


James of James Burton Photographgy is a long-term client that I have been working with for years. He's always embraced the latest cutting-edge technologies for his online business solutions, which is why he didn't hesitate to order his own vApp solution.

James wanted a vApp that showcased an online quote calculator, integrated seamlessly with his social media pages, facilitated the compelling display of his photo galleries using the iPhone's retina display and featured intuitive calls-to-action throughout.

Northern Digital Data Services


Dean from Northern Digital Data is an absolute whizz at setting up and trouble-shooting all things digital including antennas, HD televisions, home entertainment systems and high speed data cabling. He's also a gun at solving those pesky and frustrating Internet access issues that drive us insane.

Dean wanted a vApp that allows his customers to find the services they need super-fast and super-easy, quickly determine the prices involved, and then get in touch to make a booking with just the press of a button.